When we went to Turkey last year, a stray brindle dog sort of `"adopted" us and followed us everywhere we went. We asked Dogan if she had a name and he laughed and said that it was probably Zilli. When asked what Zilli meant - he explained it meant a girl who reallly likes boys!!! So I assume it means "Slapper"!!!

When Mandi went back Zilli really made a fuss of her and so she was her constant companion. Now you can hardly not want her around you and I'm not a dog lover of sorts. Well I mean I'm a cat person. but Zilli was so so sweet.

Mandi came home just before Christmas, Dogan told her that he'd seen Zilli and she was pregnant. [she obviously lives up to her name]. He promised that he'd make sure she had more food etc and would keep an eye on her.

Just before Mandi went out last week, he said that she'd had the pups but he didn't know where she'd hidden them. Mandi has tried several times to follow Zilli so she can see them, but until today that didn't work out..........

Today she has told me that there are 4 white pups, 2 black ones and one brindle like its Mum.

Aren't they adorable? They are looking well fed and certainly well looked after. I'm so glad that Mandi has found them and that Zilli and pups are fine. Am so glad she's got the camera with her, we can keep up to date on the progress of the pups