Sorry sorry folks, if you thought I was ignoring you all over the past week, but I've had Mandi here and we have been very busy together. She will be leaving here on Thursday to then go back to her husband in Turkey on Saturday for a month. So obviously I'm spending as much time with her as I can, then when she does leave, you can have my undivided attention.

We have been shopping and sorting out her bedroom and a thousand and one other things to do that to be honest I'm absolutely knackered. It takes an awful lot of effort to just stay awake to be honest. We went shopping again today, and that was after yesterday's outing to the town!!!!! Normally I only go out once a week, and since she's been here on Saturday, I didn't go out Sunday, but did other things............. and I haven't even had an afternoon kip to re-charge my batteries.

Anyway I just wanted to say sorry not to have visited you or e-mailed you. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.