Well today the wind has really died down and it's not as cold as it has been. The rain is only gentle and so it's a much better day altogether.

I really wish that I had been able to get out to see the force of the sea, but of course Mandi had gone back to her house and therefore took the car. Typical eh? The annoying thing is - my neighbour Ann rang me yesterday to tell me that Peter, her husband, had been down to the coast to see the sea. He didn't take any photos - he didn't think about it, nor did he ask me if I wanted to go with him!!!!! Methinks he needs to be reminded about my love of photography and also that if he doesn't want to take me with him at times like that [although I can't for the life of me understand why not], then at least take some pictures for me.

Mandi should be back soon. She left here for her own home last Saturday, and she has lots of things to do whilst she's there. She's almost sold her house, it's just that she has to get her ex-husband's signature on the deeds. This put her in a panic, as you can appreciate, so my son has said that he'll take the papers to him and get his signature. Apparently if he refuses to sign or if he can't be found, then Mandi can go to Court and explain the divorce situation and her abuse from him, that the Judge would sign on her ex's behalf so the sale can go through. So she won't have to face him again so that's a very good thing. She's still having anxiety attacks even though she knows she won't have to see him - he really did a number on her didn't he?

She's also had the 3 monthly vitamin injection she has to have for the rest of her life, she's waiting for the results of the x-ray and the blood tests to see if she has glandular fever. I hope she doesn't - but at least they can treat it.

Just before she left she wore her lovely woolley hat...........

Then I said that maybe she could wear it a different way...........

This wasn't what I meant Mandi!!!!!

It's been quite chilly lately, although nothing at all compared with everyone over in the states. Whoa have you lot been hammered with the chill factor? I couldn't believe the figures they were quoting on the news, you poor poor things. I do hope you all managed to find some warmth and stayed safe.

Anyway I've been lighting a fire regularly - every day and Boo is in her element.......

Pippin doesn't really hang around the fire much, well there's not really a lot of room with Boo all stretched out, so he tends to hang around the back of my couch............

At Christmas I got a lovely gift from my son [one of them] - it was a jewellry making kit. He said that he thought I could have something else to do besides quilting. I thought that it was a lovely idea and have often fancied making my own jewellry.

Then this morning I opened up a present from our friend Mickey - for my birthday on Saturday -

Methinks he must have been in touch with my son, or else - he really DOES listen to me when I chat to him every night.!!! Wow that's a revelation isn't it?

Some disappointing news on the adoption front of my son and his fiancee. The two children they had hoped to go further on the possibility of adopting, has fallen by the wayside. Apparently they'd been found in squalor and they had behavioural issues, aggression over food, and lack of socialisation. Such a shame really, they did sound like they were close to what they had been looking for in adopting children. Still unfortunately there are so many out there looking for new families, that it won't be long before they meet up with other children.

Okay - Mandi is due back either tomorrow or Saturday morning. She won't be staying long because she has to fly back out to her husband on Saturday am. She's getting quite the jet setter isn't she?