Do Social Media have their place?
This fast-evolving Human Race
Can barely keep up with the task
Of "Friending" those who glibly ask
If they can join your Friendship group
And thus another social hoop
Is added to the growing list;

Acquaintances you should not miss
When sending greetings in "The Season"
For barely any ther reason
Thank sharing all your daily grind
With the world-wide web of Humankind.
So, yes, I'll use the fastest way
Of sending greetings far away;
Saving postage, paper, trees,
And be obliging, aim to please
All those who live this hectic pace
Of life we call the Human Race.

Yet, gentle Souls we are inside,
Our busy lives just serve to hide
The complex thoughts that fill our heads.
We'd rather slow life down instead
And choose to sit down by the fire,
Remembering Jesus in the byre;
A quill in hand, a pot of ink
And take the time to really think
Of what to write, to keep in touch
With those we cherish very much.

Now had the Snail Mail had its day?
Do Christmas cards get stored away?
Divided into piles to sort,
To write replies? One really ought!
Yet there they are, a Season hence,
Those robins sitting on the fence,
Old Masters, Icons, daubed with glitter,
Destined to be nought but litter.

I'm sorry if this does offend
Those organised, traditional friends.
But reader, if this note's for you
I'm dealing with the social glue
As best I can in times gone crazy;
I'm really not so very lazy.

My thoughts and prayers this Christmas time,
Conveyed to you by means of rhyme
Are reaching out to those I love,
Remembering our God "above".

This was in my local paper under Poetry Corner - and I thought it so relevant to today. I'm not normally one for poetry, but I did like this.

So for my friends out there - please let me take the opportunity to say a wonderful HAPPY CHRISTMAS and I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.