I spoke to Mandi this morning on Skype and she says she'd like to help me decorate the Christmas tree, so that's been put on hold til Friday. She's had her hair cut and it looks amazing. It's very short at the back but the length is the same in the front as before. She looks fabulous and she says it takes her a full 2 minutes to do her hair now!!!! She's coming home on Thursday and it'll be lovely to see her again.

She's been pretty ill this last month too - I knew she had a bad cold, but apparently it was more serious than that - she was taking penicillin for about 2 weeks to clear the infection, but eventually she had to go to hospital, where they kept her in for 6 hours, while they gave her injections and other such things, put her on a drip too - apparently she was almost suffering from pneumonia. That would have been awful. Now she needs to be in a warm place, and to be fussed over as only her mother can do. Dogan has been looking after her very well, but she misses comfy couches and carpets and fires. So she's coming home on her own, and will stay a couple of weeks, before she hares back to him.

Anyway, because I couldn't decorate the tree, I decided that I should really start wrapping some of the presents - well certainly the ones for Mandi - I can hardly wrap them while she's sitting here can I?

I forgot how long it takes to wrap each thing. These are just some of what I've got to do, I'll finish them tomorrow. Then Wednesday I'll go shopping instead of Thursday because I'm expecting both my children here. Tony is going to collect Mandi from her home and bring her up here, so I have to make Tony a birthday cake, as his birthday was last Friday. Mind you - I had got a gorgeous Triple Belgian chocolate and caramel Yule Log, which I think will go down a treat - saves me having to make one.