Well I was hoping for a lazy Sunday too - but didn't get it. I am still trying to get over Thursday and Friday as it is!!!!

Thursday was shopping day............. The constant bending down into the trolley and then turning round with the goods to go onto the conveyor belt that was enough for me. I decided to sit down on the bench in the supermarket after I'd gone through the till, to catch my breath, give my back time to readjust before I drove home. No sooner had I sat down but I was joined by a man who proceeded to tell me that his legs were hurting, because he'd just got out of hospital after having a hip replacement. He also had a large ulcer on his leg which was bleeding.!!! I said all the usual commiserations but he went on and on about how bad it had been, and I did feel sorry for him and the funny thing is that he was a really funny man, with a lovely sense of humour. Anyway that took care of about 20 minutes before he went home.

Then on Friday, I realised that I had to write and post all my Christmas cards - so it was a bit of a rush writing them all out, and then the addresses. Meanwhile I had a text from Mandi saying that she'd booked a plane ticket for Wednesday and so could I book a seat for her on a coach from Heathrow, London airport to her home? It was then texts galore between her and me trying to find one that would meet her plane times. Also texting my son, who had said he'd pick her up from her home and drive her up here. After a load of texts, I did ask why she hadn't booked her coach herself, now you have the internet? She said she hadn't thought about it!!!! Anyway eventually around 2.30 I got into the car to go to the Post Office. IT WAS SHUT!!!!!!!! On the Friday just before Christmas??? Industrial Action it said on the notice. So it was a case of "Where the hell can I post all these cards?" - I drove up to the nearest one which was where I used to live many moons ago...............

I couldn't find it!!!!!!!! The address on the Main Post Office wall wasn't right. So I drove around and eventually found a couple walking their dog, who told me where it was. Do you know - the cost of postage was about 5 times more than what I'd paid for the cards themselves!!!!

So today I thought - I'll have a quiet day - no such luck!!!!!! My neighbour had said she'd pop up and help me hang the curtains in the spare bedroom - something I'd been meaning to do for ages now and as Mandi is coming home on Thursday I wanted it to be done before she came here.

I really like how it finishes the room now................

I also wanted some pictures hung, and I was quite okay doing it myself, but she said that as she was already here, she could do it for me. She then informed me that she'd never hung pictures before!!! Her husband had always insisted on doing it. Not being one to spoil her eagerness - I said "Go on then - have a go!!" Wasn't I a nice person??????

Now I had envisaged a nice display of pictures in two rows, but I don't think she quite grasped the words "up a bit", "down a bit", "to the right" and "to the left" !!!! Still it looks so much better with a bit of colour, and does it really matter in the grander scheme of things that it's not quite as I'd expected? She felt so pleased with herself that she'd actually done something like this. Bless her.

Then before she left, she brought the bare Christmas tree into my lounge for me, so that tomorrow I can start decorating it. Hopefully that's what I'll do tomorrow.

That's about it folks. On my way down the stairs with the camera, I took this picture of my first attempt at fabric painting. It's of a wisteria {even if it does look like grapes}, and there's some Japanese writing on it, saying "Spring".