Today has been a lovely sunny day - which meant it was cold too. Still having a nice coal fire burning in the grate made it a nice day. I spoke with Mandi and Dogan today and they are both feeling better, from the flu, but are still very upset over the refusal. They told me about the reasons quoted and they are inconsistent it's ridiculous. Mandi has copied the letter and will bring it back with her and we can send out an appeal from the UK.

Anyway, I looked outside at about 3.30pm and realised there might actually be a decent sunset tonight, so I shot off to Westward Ho! which is about 3 miles from me. I noticed that the sun was setting much much further east than I was used to, so I had to go to the Burrows to be able to get a decent view of the sunset.

This was just as I arrived and at least this time the beach was virtually deserted......

I will just mention though - my bum was really cold when I eventually got up from my seat of stone!!!! The things I do for my love of photography and of course for you lot!!!!