Dogan heard this morning that his visa has been refused because they say that they don't know if he would return to Turkey after 6 months, despite the fact that he has the letters etc to prove that he would return to a job that he's had for the last 15 years. As you can imagine they are both devastated and this on top of them feeling so lousy with the cold and so tired from all that travelling. I am hoping that they can appeal against the decision. Mandi has already said that she's going to have to return next week anyway because she has almost run out of her medication and her sick note has to be renewed.

Oh well, I suppose Christmas is up in the air at the moment, do I expect to have her with me here, or should she return to him to celebrate their first anniversary together? So no happy news to impart to you I'm afraid. I feel so so sorry for them. They have been running round in circles for this visa and for nothing. Any suggestions from anyone?