Mandi and Dogan are going to Izmir tomorrow to do their application for Dogan to come to us here. So if anyone has some spare few minutes, can you please send some good luck wishes and hope that the Consulate man who is going to decide whether or not he's going to allow Dogan to come to the UK, is in a good mood.

Poor man has been learning all about our family and to hear him say my name and my family members names is really sweet, it sounds so strange in his Turkish accent. He already knows where I live, who Mandi's father was, when he died etc. Mandi is also learning more Turkish and who his family members are. Now they are together all the time and Dogan isn't working because the season has finished, they have time to talk about more personal things and are starting to learn about each other.

Then on Wednesday or Thursday, they are going to visit his mother and siblings!!! Mandi is really nervous, as you would expect, and because they live at the other end of Turkey, they have to fly there. Funnily enough, it's cheaper for them to fly to his Mum's city, than it is to go by bus. It's only going to take a couple of hours by plane, whereas it takes over 24 hours by bus!!!!!

So hopefully we should soon know whether or not Britain is going to be kind and let my son-in-law come here for a couple of months, to be able to celebrate not only his first Christmas here with his new family, but to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with us and to attend his new brother-in-law's wedding on March 1st.

Mandi seems to have possibly sold her house, and that means that during winter months, I'll have house guests, which should mean I could get my house painted, my garden done and lots of things fixed around here - ooooooh time to make lists!!!!!!