After having had busy days lately - I've taken advantage of having a "nothing special to do today" day, by just resting. I seem to have had something going on for the last week and it's fair "tuckered" me out.

Pippin and Boo are still keeping away from each other. Boo slept downstairs last night, I closed the door to the lounge so she was safe in there and then opened up the cat flap for Pippin to go in and out as he wants during the night. So both cats were doing what they wanted to do and I could relax.

Mandi rang me up this morning asking how Boo was - it's the first time someone else has looked after Boo in a different house, so she's naturally worried. I was able to reassure her that all was fine, Boo was asleep on the couch, Pippin was outside chasing leaves and I was resting. She was running around like a headless chicken, doing the final things before she goes tomorrow. The weather out there is a balmy 26C around 80F, so she'll be out on the beach no doubt - hmmmm!!!

Dogan has found a lovely apartment for them to live in while she's over there. She's going to go with him to the Consulate to get his visa and then hopefully they'll be back here in time for Christmas and to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. As it'll be their first Christmas as a married couple sharing it with us, then I'm going to try and go all out decorating the house - luckily I do have two trees, so maybe one tree in my lounge and the other one at the end of the hall [I used to have that years ago] so it's just going to be a case of buying more tree lights.

I just realised that I don't have to go shopping tomorrow with Ann cos I have my own car now and can go whenever I want to. Maybe I'll go with her though, cos it's company. See what she says.