As you know - Mandi is going away to see her husband for about a month to six weeks and so I'm having her cat, Boo. Well she's also leaving her car here, because she needs it starting up every now and then to keep it going. She said that it would be fine for me to drive it around if I wanted.

Well I haven't driven since my brain haemorrhage in 2006, and although I wasn't allowed to drive for a year anyway, I haven't driven since and the longer I didn't drive, the worse it became and my confidence went. So Mandi said maybe I could see how I would feel to get behind the wheel.

Today was the day and after we'd been shopping, we got into the car and she took me to the top of the long stay car park, where there were lots of empty spaces, and let me loose!!!!

For a start the seat belt is too damn short - the passenger one is okay, but the driver one isn't. So with a lot of squeezing, huffs and puffs I eventually set off and it was like I'd driven yesterday!!!! Instead of just driving round the car park, we drove home and I even drove up my driveway with no problem. and believe you me, my driveway is a nightmare, so tight and twisty.

So now for the next month or so, I'm going to be driving around and see if it'll be viable and worth it for me to get my own car. So you might just see some different photos instead of my flowers [which are getting few and far between I might add]. If we have another storm like this last one, then I'll go down to the seaside and take some pics of the waves. You lucky lucky lot!!!

So am off to make some chicken with cauliflower cheese for supper. Speak later. In fact I think Mandi and I just might have a couple of vodka and cokes tonight to celebrate me driving again after 7 years and also for her going to her hubby.