I couldn't have made it up really - well not without someone saying "No way - be realistic - no-one could be that ditzy!"

My daughter's friend Karen was coming along with us on holiday and even though I've known her for 30 years and she was my late friend's daughter, I'd not been with her for longer than an hour at a time!!! Need I say more?

It all started before we even left Exeter, my daughter's home! She hadn't weighed her suitcase and so we did it for her and she was almost 5KG over the limit. We told her that she'd have to forego some of her luxuries - and in this case it was her VO5 hair spray gel. She'd got 4 large bottles of the stuff!!! We hadn't killed her dog you know, but she acted like we had!!!! We explained that there was a really large supermarket called Kipa which was the Turkish branch of our UK store Tesco. So she said okay, as long as she could go there within a couple of days so she could buy some!!

She was still 1KG over the limit, but luckily they accepted it at the airport. Now I'd ordered a wheelchair for me, because I have problems walking and standing at the airport and Karen said she'd push me. She really struggled pushing me which made me feel as if I was really heavy, and I was already feeling awkward being in a chair, then someone suggested she took the brakes off!!!! Funny how easy it then became for her...............honestly she takes the "blonde" bit to the extreme.

Whilst we were waiting to board the plane, Mandi and I noticed that she'd been gone a long time to the toilet............ she'd got locked in and had to wait for someone to come and let her out!!!

We eventually boarded the plane and I then found out that she's scared of flying!! I was sitting next to her and I swear she couldn't have squeezed my arm any harder if she'd been trying to get juice out of it!!!

Thankfully there was a nice young man waiting for me at Turkey to push me around the airport there, which was great because we went through so quickly being assisted passengers!!! Luckily he knew about brakes on the chair!!!!

We arrived at just gone midnight over there and Mandi was being met by Dogan as he couldn't wait for her to come by bus to the hotel - ah bless him!! I told Karen that she should alter her watch etc by forwarding the time by 2 hours. Bless her, her i-phone was still set at UK time which still showed it being just after 10pm. She adjusted the time, but forgot that midnight changes the day too!!! So she wondered why she was still getting messages for the day before! I explained that she'd have to change the day as well as the time - but it took ages for her to understand the concept!!!

We arrived at our hotel and it was bliss to have arrived at last. Our room was lovely - room for three people with a nice little patio terrace. Trouble was.... I had to share with Karen, who informed me that she sometimes snored!!

This is Karen - note the blonde hair!!!!

Having read all this - please bear in mind we hadn't even started out holiday properly yet!!! I will tell you more later - so you can rest and inwardly digest our predicament there!! LOL
This is the view we had from our room, the sea is to our left, but it was lovely and quiet.

Our little patio terrace............

This is where we sat every morning to have our breakfast - the tables you can see to the left here, are on the beach and to have that view every day was bliss........

This was the view we had - it was hard I can tell you, but someone had to do it!!!

This is Mandi with a little cat who "adopted" her, and we called her Frankie....

Frankie this year and she's had kittens...........

they lived on the roof of the bar, but did start to venture down amongst us later on during the week.......

This is Mandi and Karen at the start of our holiday....... hence the pale looks.......

OK folks, I've bored you enough already - more later.