Just a quick message to you all - am off tomorrow for my fortnight holiday in Turkey. I've packed and re-packed!!!! Have found that I am about 3KG UNDER my allowance which is good news. So that's okay..........

If I can - and the wi-fi is any good, plus if my new tablet behaves itself - then I'll try and do you an update on my holiday. Just don't hold your breath because I might be slightly three sheets to the wind with the Raki or whatever drink they can concoct!!! I hardly ever drink, but I make exceptions when on holiday, so it takes me very little to get slightly tipsy!!!!

So behave yourselves, or at least save any gossip for when I come back! I will then bore you for months with my photos!! Probably a lot of my new son-in-law and my daughter! plus anyone who will put up with me taking their picture, or even if they don't come to think of it!!! Also I'll take as many photos of the resort and anything else which looks good to me.

Okay - speak to you soon, and look after yourselves.