Well this morning, after only 4 hours sleep, Mandi came up for our last day to get ready before next Thursday!!!!!!!! She came up earlier than usual because we had to go and get my Turkish Lira from the Post Office, then collect my prescription from the Chemist and then shopping, some more sewing etc..... you get the picture???

Well she came up early and after getting myself looking halfway decent, we set off to Boots the Chemist for my prescription. The lady behind the pharmacy counter had trouble finding my medication, then she did eventually see it, where I'd actually mentioned it may be!!! Meanwhile Mandi decided to get some things from the shop. When asked if she had a loyalty card, she said no but I piped up "I have"..... so I got the extra points on my card. Then the assistant said - "Oh we have special offers to give to your mum and some for you too!" Great we thought. ..................... guess what she got?

She got vouchers for make-up and moisturisers................ what I got was.............

25% off eye tests.............

25% off hearing tests............

Then 10% off any purchases of glasses or hearing aids for those over the age of 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What makes them think that I don't need make-up or moisturiser at my age??? Mandi was laughing her head off, as were a few customers, the assistant stayed behind the counter because I said I couldn't reach him with my walking stick!!!!!

Then we went off to the Post Office to collect my money - this went fine and I went to post some letters and found out that the self-seal bit on the envelope didn't stick! The lovely lady found some sellotape and stuck it down for me. On the up I thought!!!

We went shopping and as per usual I spent more money than I wanted to, then justified it to myself, that I wouldn't be spending any money for 3 weeks!!!! So that was okay. Mandi still hasn't got a lot of patience with the drivers up here in the North Devon area!!! It's just as well her window was up!!

We came home, cooked a pizza for lunch and watched the cycling Tour of Britain - Mandi came into her own. The commentators were talking real rubbish as usual, saying stupid things which gave Mandi wonderful fodder and I was laughing so much - oh it is so good to have her back!!!

One of the comments was "Were the cyclists committed to the hill?" before the poor cyclist could answer, Mandi piped up with "No - they stopped at the bottom and said that they didn't sign up for hills, so they popped off to the pub instead!" She said - why do they ask such stupid questions? Then the commentator talked of a nail biting finish, to which she said - er don't know about that mate!!

She used to banter like this all the time when she was a youngster, but in the last 20 years it's been long gone, now she's back and I was having a great time with her.

Then she decided to colour my hair - now that was fine, but then it came to her rinsing off the colour!!!!!!!!!!! I got soaked!! She was none too careful where she faced the hose! Of course when I was telling her that I was getting wet, it made her laugh and I got even wetter!! She thought it was great fun, then I saw that the colour was more of an ash blonde than I expected, to which she did say that it would calm down by next week!!!!!

So altogether a fun filled day and full of giggles and laughter. I'm now going to find a dark corner and have a lie down!!!!!