Well to say I'm pooped is an understatement. I've been doing so many things two days running now and that's more than this poor body can cope with!!! Yesterday I went shopping with Ann, and that was enough to cope with because it was busy and to add insult to injury I was caught out with an idiot!!!!!

I was dragging myself around the store on my last legs, when I espied a virtually empty till queue. There was a woman almost finished packing her stuff and then before me was a man with about 4 items - fabulous I thought - I'll be through here in no time.

So I started unloading my trolley and putting the groceries onto the conveyor belt. My back really doesn't like it when I bend down into the trolley then raise myself up only to twist to put the item on the belt then twisting back down again to repeat the process. So having bought a lot of things which were on offer!!! Can't beat an offer!!! I had virtually finished putting all the items on the belt, when the girl on the till asked if I could pack my items further back as she had to put the woman's items back onto the belt.????

The lady had just realised that she was buying for two people and had separate money, so she'd need individual till receipts. This meant voiding all the items of one person's stuff, putting it back onto the belt, paying for the first lot, packing them into separate bags, then it was the turn of the second person's stuff!!! How come it took her to the payment stage before she thought about it all???? She sort of grinned and laughed saying she felt embarrassed!!

I was feeling so wrung out by this time, that I really didn't have any energy to do anything about it, so just stood there like a wally and waited without saying anything!!! The man didn't say anything neither.

Eventually I was served and the woman on the till was very friendly and she apologised for the situation and rolled her eyes!!! See even us down in the south get the idiots.

Then today Mandi came up to see me, and we went shopping!! Two days running is too much really, but did I say anything?? NO!!!

While I was waving goodbye to her I took some photos of the nasturtiums which were covered in the drizzle..........

Was really pleased with them.

This evening I've just had a lovely Skype call to Max and the damn internet connection/broadband connection has gone haywire, so our call was cut short!! Sorry Max, I'll phone tomorrow!

I'm going to go and make supper, then have a brandy and ginger wine!!!