Not a bad day today really on the whole. It was certainly brighter than yesterday and I took full advantage of the dry and windy weather to get my washing dry on the line.

Meanwhile I did some sewing to take up some of Mandi's dresses. I've had to cut off about 5 inches on some of them and then because the material is stretchy, I've had to do the hemming by hand!!! She should look gorgeous now, with the dresses not having to be held up with a belt. Anyway while I was doing that - I caught up on some tv programmes. I just love NCIS - Los Angeles and they are re-running the 4th series which I'd missed somehow! So that was a great way to get both things done at the same time.

Then when all the sewing was finished I thought I'd blitz some weeds on the lawn. In my ignorance (or stupidity as some would say) about 5 years ago I played with Roxy with some wild grasses. He loved chasing them and catching them. Of course the seeds would fall off into the grass!!!!!!!!!!!! DOH!!!!!!!! Now I have the pleasure of trying to rid the lawn of these grasses! I really didn't think did I? So I got some Roundup Gel to dab on each plant to rid it and its roots. It kills my back though - but it's done and there's not many weeds left to do now............

Then I remembered that I hadn't dug up my potatoes that I'd grown in my pots. I'd found some potatoes way back that had started to sprout and so instead of throwing them away I put them in pots. Well at least they had a chance of growing. So I watered them when they needed it, otherwise I did absolutely nothing with them and today I dug up the bounty from 3 old potatoes............

Not bad eh? There's at least 3 meals there, if not 4. Okay some of them are small (well tiny really) but they'll be really sweet to eat. Will have some today with my gammon steak and poached eggs. Mmm I can almost taste it and I haven't even started to do supper yet!

While I was getting the washing off the line, my neighbours Ann & Peter came over and Peter has offered to clear out my porch of the stuff that either doesn't work, or is of no use anymore to me and take them to the local rubbish plant. Then he'll put the paint pots I have in my back porch tidily in the front porch, then the back porch can be sorted out and cleared. I feel really bad that they feel they have to help me like this, but I can't do it myself. They say they're quite happy to do it, and in fact will enjoy it??? They really must get a life if rummaging around a couple of porches is going to be classed as fun!!!!!!! I am so so lucky to have them in my life. I must admit I wouldn't be able to do as much as I do if they weren't around. I must get them a really nice present from Turkey, and as for Christmas................ I can't keep making them quilts as I've given them 2 already!!!! So I'll have to think of something else.

Okay folks - I'll stop now so you can stop yawning!