Well today was going to be a sort of quiet day - that meaning, not doing anything special. So what happens?????

I did a large wash and it's all blowing nicely on the washing line. Then I started to do some sewing and have started to do some of the blue squares.

The sun decided to come out and I remembered that I'd promised myself that I'd start on the weeds in the driveway. Armed with my new spray cylinder and a new box of Weedol (weedkiller) I pumped up this thing and then proceeded to spray the driveway. Now the cylinder holds 8litres and that's a lot, and so I only filled it half way. That was heavy enough for me and so I started spraying this stuff all over the drive.

I am so tired of weeding the damn gravel and I'd done a lot when it was nice and warm and dry, but then we had the rain, then the sun, then the rain now the sun and it's grown up again. Enough is enough I said to myself and bought myself a spray cylinder. Hopefully this will get rid of the weeds for this year at least.

After half an hour of either pumping or spraying, I'd done at least half of the driveway when a little voice said "Hello" behind me. It was Ann from next door. She thought she'd pop over to see what I was doing! So she pumped and I sprayed and we soon got a lot done. Well at least I got rid of 4 litres of stuff.

So my quiet day - yet again - didn't turn out as I'd thought. Hope everyone here has had a good day.

Must just go out now and bring the washing in then it's time to phone Mandi and then do my supper. It's all go isn't it? LOL