Well funnily enough I tend to deleter those photos that don't look good, so unfortunately there's none of me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Anyway here's a friend of the kids, Keith, he's such a full of fun guy and he'd have us rolling in the aisles with his antics. He's married with two children now and no..... he's still the same - must be great for the kids!!!

Then there's my brother who could normally hold his drink, or was it that we didn't take many photos at that time - anyway here he is after having had a few.............

Then of course Tony who had this photo taken when he was goofing around with some friends of his.........

And now back to Mandi!!!!!

Mandi having had a few in Greece and for a while I did wonder if she'd stay on the bar stool - she did!!!

And finally - her being very ladylike - you probably remember a previous one like this which makes me think that maybe she does a lot of this!!!!! LOL

Sorry to impose my family's indiscreet poses but blame Summer - she thought of the theme!!!!