I've had a reasonable quiet couple of days here and decided that I can't just sit back and waste time doing nothing, so I started to cut up the material ready for the quilt.

Boy is this quilt going to be a zazzy thing. I'm still halfway to how to put the colours together, but at least I'm sure of the design - a log cabin again. As to the pattern??? I've got a choice of 5 on my favourites list. No hurry yet for that to be decided, it's going to take the same amount of blocks so it doesn't matter how soon I decide on the pattern.

I carefully measured the material and started cutting. Now I do have a rotary cutter - in fact I have two, but neither would go through the material without hurting my hands and arms, so it meant that I'd have to use the large scissors. All done now, but my hands are certainly complaining!!!

Still I won't be doing any sewing tomorrow, it's Thursday and that means shopping day with Ann next door. So it'll be Friday before I start sewing the material together. I'll take pictures as I go along, to keep a record of how each quilt comes together.

I was sitting on the couch by my bay window this morning saying hello to Pippin and I saw the Japanese anemones looking so beautiful.

This bunch of flowers are about 20 feet from my window - isn't it pretty?

Quite pleased with the sharpness too considering my camera isn't a very good one. It's only a 12 megapixels and a x18 lens. So I can't do really good shots from a distance, but I'm pleaesd with what I do manage to do with it.