Because I'd been doing something 3 days in a row and it really whacked me out, I'd promised myself a "do nothing" day today, to recharge my batteries............

I had intended to just relax and watch recorded programmes and then watch the Formula One Belgium Grand Prix qualifying race. That was the plan anyway....

Some time during the period when I was sort of waking up, I (for some reason) thought that maybe I'd make a nice slow cooking meal that could be simmering away all day! Also the weather looked good, so maybe do a wash. Yeah - that's a good idea.......

So as soon as I got up, I fed the cat, put the wash on and then started to make the chicken and mushroom stew. I was using Campbells Cream of Chicken soup as a sauce. Then while it started doing it's thing, I thought why not make a meringue while I'm here!!!

So I got out all the ingredients for the meringue, checked that I had some cream for later, and then remembered I'd bought some fresh raspberries on Thursday. Mmmm raspberry pavlova - lovely.

That done, it was almost ready to put the washing out. So I took it all out to the driveway and hung out my clothes, wow it was really lovely and windy so it would dry very quickly - what the hell happened to my "do nothing" day?

Well when I came in to sit down and watch the recorded programmes, I thought I'd just check on my computer for some free patchwork designs to give me some ideas for my next project. Of course I don't know about you, but when I get on my computer, I seem to find other things on there that I didn't know I wanted to find nor search for!!!

While I was surfing the net, I was trying to watch the Grand Prix at the same time and waay hay Lewis Hamilton has pole position. That was a good qualifying race.

So my intended relaxing day didn't exactly turn out as expected - mind you I do have a gorgeous smell coming from the kitchen, just going to go and put the pasta on now and there's a super fresh raspberry & cream pavlova for dessert chilling in the fridge. The washing is lovely and dry, so all in all - a good day I think.

Now tomorrow.......... I'm JUST going to watch the Belgian Grand Prix race - well that's what I tell myself!! LOL