Further to my visit last week to the doctors about my blood pressure, I went again today.

I explained to the doctor about how concerned I'd been about my last one and how I felt that it was most likely that my high blood pressure reading was because of me being concerned about the nurse phaffing about.

I asked if she could please retake my blood pressure to see if there was anything to worry about. She did so and guess what......................

It was 120 over 60 which she said was perfect!!!! See it was because of the chair that wasn't right to sit comfortably in, for the pressure monitor not working properly and then to have a nurse making me worried because she couldn't find my pulse!!! It all added up to a rather high blood pressure reading.

So I can relax again - I'm doing just fine and the doctor is happy with me. I explained about me going on holiday again and asked if I could have some "pee pills" because of me flying and not wanting to have elephant legs!!! She gave me some and explained exactly how to take them. I think I'll take them in the morning, when I'm close to the toilets!!!!!!

Okay folks, that's all the news I have today - just wanted to tell you all that I'm fine and that my blood pressure is just fine.