Tony came up here today which was great - he was so sorry that it had been so long since he'd been up here - almost 3 months. He's got an incredible amount of things going on in his life at the moment that I'm not surprised that weeks go by so quickly for him. I do talk to him often, but it's not quite as lovely as having a bear hug from him.

Anyway he'd had a horrendous journey up here (he lives 2 hours drive away) because we had torrential rain and lots of roads were flooded, even the one at the bottom of my road!!!

While he was here he took down an old plant of mine which was half dead, and helped me cut off the dead bits and then put the alive part back on the cupboard. The pot is ceramic and weighs a ton which is why I haven't been able to do it myself. Now it looks much better.

Anyway when he was ready to leave, the sun had come out and so I shot out with the camera at the same time as saying goodbye to him. Before he drove his car off, I noticed a rather dilapidated butterfly on the gravel, so made sure he didn't run over it!!!

It might have been a moth, because of the silvery wings, but whatever it was - it was looking a tad tired!!!!

The lily has finally bloomed and it's a white one..............

Isn't it gorgeous? It's quite strongly scented too, so it was a pleasure to get close to it to take the pictures. As you can see - there are a few more buds waiting to open.

Then I noticed some mombretia was looking a bit bedraggled after the heavy rain, but it didn't mean they didn't look great with the raindrops on them........

So that's about it for today's news. I'm doing well with my sewing. I have passed the 3/4 stage of the quilt, so soon I'll be all finished and then I can finish off Yvonne's quilt. Then after that.................... I can start on a new one. Talking to Tony this afternoon, by this time next year, I may have a couple of grandchildren!! So there are going to be loads of quilts and soft toys to make!! Then hopefully Mandi and Dogan will present me with a grandchild too - what joy eh?