Today the temperatures have evened out a bit, so we're not as hot as of late. Still no rain for over 4 weeks now, so the grass is not grass anymore but is now straw!!!!

Anyway according to the weather forecasters, we can expect some rain either later on tonight or tomorrow, so I thought it would be a good day to cut the damn weeds on the straw I fondly call my lawn!!!! It was the easiest mowing I've had - just going over the weeds really. So after blasting straw all over the place with the mower blades, I could see the weeds which need to be blitzed with Roundup (a weedkiller).

I have a new type of weedkiller (well new to me anyway) which is in a gel form and you have to click this tube to get the gel out and then you wipe it onto the weed you want to kill. It goes right down to the root and kills just that weed. Very wise when you have other plants around it you want to keep.

So there I was blitzing as many weeds as possible, but ran out of gel. Still I've done some.

Then I went up the driveway with my lopper, it's a wonderful tool, with an extending pole with a sharp blade at the top and then a rope to pull which makes another blade cut through the items you want lopping. So I can reach branches etc which are out of my usual reach and get them lopped off.

I'd noticed that some branches of lilac and fig had overgrown the driveway and needed to be cleared away. Well with that done and me in total meltdown - wow is this humidity high today - it must be at least 80% so you tend to leak as soon as you do anything.

I noticed too that a lot more of the yellow lilies had bloomed so
Don't they look gorgeous?

The colour is so sunny and a joy to look at..........

The new geranium is coming along nicely too. Not had this type before and it's really interesting to see it unfold.

When I was looking through the pictures I'd taken, I noticed I'd got a tiny ant on the lily.............

See I really must put my glasses on when I take pictures, as I missed him!!!

I've cooled down a bit now, thank heavens. I am going to pop out and get my washing in off the line before the rain comes. I love the smell of rain on warm dry ground. Still let's hope the rain doesn't stay too long, I was really enjoying the sunny days.