I heard a thump on the porch roof this evening and went outside to investigate and guess what???????????????

Yep - Jonathon has returned!! He's been wandering around the houses here, well the 3 of us anyway and apparently the parents have been down to feed it now and then, but why has he gone back up on the porch roof??

He obviously could fly up there, and if he wants to - he can walk around to next door's garden -- I've put out some water in an old litter tray for the birds or animals who need to drink, or in his case - have a wash/bath!!!!

So I've given him some cat food, Pippin didn't want it, and I was only going to throw it away, so he might as well have it. Pippin hasn't seen him yet, but I don't think he'll have a go at him because last time, he got a fright and he's a quick learner is my Pippin!!!

So now I have to hope Jonathon will sort himself out and learn to fly upwards to his family.