Mandi came up today and we had a great day sitting outside in the sunshine.

We Brits have got used to having lousy summers and have moaned about them, but hey - the last few weeks have been great for us. Okay we've had the odd rain shower and the odd overcast day but today the great big yellow thing in the sky decided to visit us and bring with it some lovely temperatures.

Mandi and I, after having had our coffees etc, changed our clothing and into our sunbathing garb, and ventured out duly greased to take advantage of the sun. We sunbathed for about a couple of hours, I did start leaking a lot I might add, well I am so sheltered if the wind is in the right direction, that there was hardly a breath of wind. So consequently I leaked!!!!

So we moved over to the driveway where there was a bit of a breeze and it was much more pleasant. Trouble is...... I couldn't lie there knowing that there was some weeds daring to poke their heads out from amongst the gravel. So I ended up weeding!!!! Only a little bit, well the weeds were only little - but I think I've staved off a load of grass coming up.

Mandi was a sweetie and cut my grass for me - she took only 20 minutes whereas I take about a couple of hours! So that's a job I don't have to do.

We have been told by our weather forecasters that we can expect really hot weather for the next couple of days. My poor son suffers terribly from hay fever, so the high pollen count is torturous for him. He's on medication for it, but it only alleviates it slightly. So he doesn't enjoy this gorgeous weather as much as the rest of us.

Okay am off now to make supper. Mandi is now home safely (she's just phoned to say she's home) and I've watered the pots outside. Speak to you all later.

Hope you all have a great weekend.