Today is my dad's birthday and if he had lived he'd be 97 today!!!! As my dad died when he was 56, to imagine him at 97 is impossible.

This is my dad during the war when he was in North Africa - he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the 8th Army and fought at the Battle of El-Alamein and Tobruk. He never spoke of his time in the war - I think it was too horrific for him.

This is Mum & Dad when we were on holiday together around 1956. We went to a holiday camp which was the big thing to do in those days. There were plenty of things for us kids to do and the parents could leave them with minders etc. while they went off and did whatever they wanted.

This is my dad around 1958, I'm guessing the date as I remember staying with my grandparents in Wales and he and my mum came down to Devon to see where they might live and we moved here in 1959. This was taken in Plymouth near where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for the US.

So I wish my dad a happy birthday, and I so wish we'd grown old together, so I could have spent more time with him.