I've just spent the last half hour talking on a video call with my son-in-law in Turkey. Oh he's such a lovely man. So sweet and very funny.

He makes my Mandi so happy and he's so much in love with her, and her with him, that it gladdens my heart. To see them together talking, her whole face absolutely beaming with happiness and love, and then seeing his face and seeing him looking at her with so much love in his eyes I didn't think I'd ever see again.

So now I've left them in the kitchen - Mandi on the piano stool and him (on the computer) on the kitchen table!!!! Good thing I had those new units put up!!!! They can talk to each other privately and I can watch tv.

Okay - just over 45 minutes til I chat to Mickey, then I can go and have another chat with them both.

Speak to you soon.