We talked about growing our own vegetables the other day - well on someone's page we did, and I thought I'd show you the potatoes that are steadily growing in my pots.

As you know I can't dig my garden, and I do like new potatoes, so I grow mine in pots. It was our Mickey who gave me the idea, and for the last couple of years this is what I've done.

I don't buy seed potatoes at all - I just wait until I see sprouting coming out of my potatoes in my veg rack and use them!

I fill the pots with multi-purpose compost and then put the potatoes, sprout side down about 4 inches in the soil. I put about 3"- 4" of soil over the potatoes and water. Then just leave them.................

These are some of my potatoes growing merrily away - they've been in there about 3 weeks, the stalks will grow and then hopefully some lovely little flowers will appear.

Once the flowers have gone, then the potatoes should be ready for harvest.

I tend to grow mine about a month apart, so there's always a steady stream of new potatoes growing. It might only save me a few pounds, but the taste of my own potatoes is priceless.