Today my neighbours, Ann & Peter, have paid for someone to come and fix up my kitchen. I was sorely missing out in storage space and they have just had a new kitchen fitted.

Their old kitchen units were going to be scrapped, even though they are in good nick, but then they realised that I would probably like to have them. My kitchen storage is severely lacking, but haven't been able to afford getting any new units, although having to pay for someone to put them up is daunting.

To cut a long story short, their kitchen fitter, another Peter, came over and fitted the wall units for me. Ann & Peter paid him to do it. Aren't I the lucky one eh?

This is what it looks like now with my new wall units. I am so chuffed with the extra space and now I'll tile underneath the units to finish it off, also tidy things up.

They also had this spare unit (without a door) which is ideal for my cat food and painting stuff. I will soon get things straight but I am really exhausted and need to sit down for a while. Tomorrow is soon enough to start sorting things out.