The computer beeped at me and I looked and saw that I was being "Skyped"!!!!!!

I answered the beep, not having used it before, and who was there?????

Our Mickey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a sight - me I mean. I hadn't put any make-up on, my hair hadn't been done and I was just sitting here doing my sewing! The problem with Skype is that you can not only see who you are talking to, but also see how you look!! Not for the feint hearted I can assure you! Hell's teeth - what a shocker. That'll teach me not to do my hair!

Anyway it was a lovely surprise to talk to him and to see Ellen too. What's helped me too is to realise how easy this is to have a video call. You see Mandi and her husband could do this. Dogan's friend has a laptop with wi-fi and has offered him the use of it whenever he wants, so that he can have a video call with Mandi. This will be wonderful for them to be able to see each other when they talk, it's free and it'll make the time they're apart that bit easier. Trouble was, I had no idea how to use it and neither does she. Now I do - thanks to Mickey!!

Okay - must go - am off to make a turkey risotto. Speak later.