This is certainly a change from what I used to write for the last couple of years - it's sunny - again!!!!! I woke up to beautiful clear blue sky and although it's still windy which is cold, it's lovely and sunny.

Fred the gardener arrived at 11am and promptly started on the cutting of the ivy down from around my window. Then he put weedkiller down on the driveway - the bottom part where there are loads of dandelions and luckily he's really good with understanding that I want to keep as many wild flowers as possible - he feels the same. He's going to come back in a couple of weeks when the bluebells etc have died down and then get rid of the weeds inbetween them. He'll also cut the hedge for me which will be great. He's so helpful.

This is the driveway before I attacked it..................

Then I got out the hand fork and the trowel and spent the next two hours in another world. It's weird but when I'm weeding, it's so therapeutic and I just relax while doing it. Maybe I ought to have a MP3 player and listen to music at the same time!!

This is how it looks now - there's still loads to do, but it's starting to look good.........

So you see - when the lilies come up - can you imagine how lovely this little bit will look?

Now all I have to do is hope for another sunny day tomorrow, and then I can do more weeding and get it looking better.

Meanwhile I am still sewing the quilt. It's looking good and it's coming along well. It's probably another two month's work left before it's finished.