First thing this morning I buried the little baby sparrow, I felt it needed to be done as soon as possible because I didn't want it to be dug up. The sun looked as if it was trying to come out for a while, so I got a wash on.

The wind was really great today - and the washing dried pretty quickly - blowing away and it's so nice getting them dried in the fresh air. Unfortunately the wind was on the cool side, so I decided to do some sewing until the afternoon.

This new quilt is coming along nicely - it's all sewn up and it's just the hand sewing to be done. I'm really pleased with how it's coming along and I really hope that Yvonne will be happy with it. The design is nice and the colours lovely and muted.

These are some of the aqualegia growing all over the place.

Then the petunias are starting to show some colour.

This afternoon, I decided to go outside and see how it was. The wind was still cold but the sun made it seem warmer. So it was time for the old padded lounger cushion to come out with the trowel, fork etc and a plastic bag for the weeds. I managed to get down onto the old cushion and whiled away the next two hours weeding. It's amazing how time flies and how therapeutic it is. Anyway a small part of the driveway is now weed free, but there's an awful lot to be done still. I've got to wait until the bluebells have stopped flowering before I can weed that part of the driveway, but there are still loads of weeds all over the place. Can't do it all though - what would Fred do if I did that???? LOL. He and his wife are coming over on Saturday to do a few hours in the garden, and I've already got the list ready. First of all I do need the ivy cut down from the bay window. The front flower bed needs some weeding too. Oh I'm sure the list will be nice and long!!!

Hope you've all had a great day and have enjoyed yourself.