Thank you all for your suggestions with regard to my new little "roomie"!!!

Well it's favourite place is sitting on my hand with my fingers around it for comfort. It squawks away until I pick it up and cuddle it and then it goes to sleep. Yes it's eaten about 3 small worms so far and I dipped my finger in some water and let it drip into its mouth. That seemed to go okay. Am going to ring the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and they might take him in and keep him safe until he gets bigger. He's trying to fly and he's squeaking just like the smoke alarm does when the battery is running down!!! So trying to type with one hand is so not me that I'll probably not be writing much today.

Just had a phone call from Fred the Shed who's going to come round at the weekend to do some gardening. He's left the Volunteer Bureau because of restrictions imposed (ie - Health & Safety) and loads of form filling. He & his wife want to still do work for some people and will charge the same money but no forms to fill in. Great - there's loads of work to be done & I trust them. So I will be all posh and have my own gardener to call when I want him!!!!