Wouldn't you believe it - about 20 minutes after I'd filled the hot water bottle with water from the kettle, the damn thing decided that it would develop a tiny hole at the bottom and spray boiling water all over my bum!!!!!!!! I suddenly realised that I was burning on my bum and I moved very quickly believe me!!!!

I did try to get my trousers off quickly but not quick enough for it not to scald me. I didn't realise how much til about an hour later when I still felt sore and so I touched it and the skin came away!!!! Now I couldn't put a plaster on it cos I couldn't see where it was, despite standing in front of a mirror and displaying flesh!!! Not something for the feint hearted neither!!!! So I have just had to try and put cream on something that I can't see and no doubt have plastered myself all over with it and then putting a cotton pad to cover it, but it falls off all the time...............

I can hear you lot laughing - I really can! I don't want anyone looking at it to see if it's okay neither - except maybe my daughter, and she's not feeling too good at the moment and this isn't likely to make her feel any better neither!!!! Seeing her mum's burnt bum!!!!

Well apart from that - all's well so far here in my small part of Devon. Hope things are well with you too.