Right folks, I don't have a designated workstation like most of you have shown, but I didn't want to be the only one left out, so here's my contribution to the "show and tell".

This is the original workstation I had when I used to use the tower computer and monitor, now I just have my printer on the desk along with my photo paper, inks etc..

Then the office chair went wonky, so it had to be supported by a couple of telephone directories - not quite the look I was going for, then to make it feel better, the computer threw a wobbly so that was it!...........

Now I have a lovely laptop which is on the coffee table - not very good for my posture though - it's quite low for me. As you can see my trusty sewing machine is to the side of it, and just out of shot there is my plastic tub with all the relevant material, threads etc for the quilt I'm doing.

This is the little wooden steps my son made up for me when he came on Sunday. I'd bought it about 7 years ago, but it had stayed in its box tucked away and forgotten til Tony noticed it and took just 30 minutes to put it together. It's great. You can just make out through the plastic tubs, all the photos I have so far scanned. There are altogether about 5 of these, as well as albums, but there are so many more waiting to be scanned and to go onto the computer.

Okay so that's my workstation. Hopefully my tower computer will be fixed soon and also I hope to get another chair, then I can go and use my proper computer desk, although between you and me - it's next to useless - no space, can't get my legs underneath the desk, wobbly slide-out shelf but...... it is on castors!!!! LOL