My neighbour has asked me to make a quilt for her to give to her daughter for Christmas. We decided on mute colours so they'll go with any decor.

We did have a couple of colours which came with the range, and I did make the blocks with those colours, but when I put them together, two colours totally dominated the pattern.

Now bearing in mind I did 36 blocks - there was a lot of seams being unpicked!!!! This took another 2 days, and then I did each block with the other chosen colours.

Then we had to choose the pattern and Yvonne came up with her choice of "Navajo" pattern.

Today I finished joining all the squares together and here it is..............

I am really quite pleased with the outcome, and once I've got the backing and wadding connected, that's when the hand sewing starts. I have ideas of what to do here!!!! but might change my mind again!!!!

I think it's okay! Yvonne likes it so that's important.