Well some of the UK has had rain over the last couple of weeks, but my tiny bit of the south west has avoided any. I've seen the dark clouds coming ominously closer and closer, but then some kind wind drove them away and so they could deposit their load on someone else.

This is great except........... it's dry for the flowers in the pots. We've been threatened with rain for the last couple of days and nothing - nada - zero. So I dug around and after some upheaval and ousting some snails etc together with old dry leaves, I found my watering can lodged behind some larger pots and the porch.

I cleaned it out, although thinking about it, it's rather pointless considering the rubbish that covers the garden, but still I wasn't thinking at that moment.

Anyway as I said, I cleaned it out and then filled it with refreshing water. It almost did my back in carrying it outside to water the pots in the driveway. The tulips had started to wilt as had the daffodils which were in pots and the cherry blossom (the fluffy kind) and they all needed watering. So after emptying 3 of these watering cans, which entailed walking with an empty can into the house, and then huffing and puffing, groaning etc with a full one back outside.

I felt so pleased with myself for remembering to water them, my memory being what it is, but after a couple of paracetamols, a rub of ointment, a good sit down with a hot water bottle against my back and a lovely cup of tea I felt good that I had achieved something. That is until I looked outside........

IT WAS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!