Well it was a gloriously sunny day today, although the temperature didn't rise over 9C, but the sky was clear all day and that yellow thing in the sky shone all day. I did another wash and this time the whole wash dried beautifully. That's twice already in a week - wonderful.

As for my quilt - I've finished all the blocks and am now just doing the edging seams and it'll be finished!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it. If Yvonne doesn't bring the material up for me to do her quilt for her daughter, then I'll try and do my other quilt - for me!!! I've sewn the patchwork part and all I have to - ALL???? - is to bind it together with the wadding and the backing and then start on the hand sewing and you all know how long that's going to take - about another couple of months. Yvonne's was started on 2nd February 2013 and it'll probably be 7th April before it's finished so that'll be a 2 month job doing it every day!! My poor middle fingers are so sore with very dry skin over the bit where I push the needle in the material. Still it's worth it.

I was going to try to do some gardening, or at least attempt something outdoors - the thought of cutting the grass came and went because my back put up a very strong objection before I'd even opened the shed!!!!!!!! Still the idea of maybe doing some weeding before it gets overgrown again, was also stopped because it wasn't warm enough to sit on the gravel to do it, so that was another no-no. I think I'm going to have concede defeat and ring Fred the Shed and ask him to come and cut the grass and also trim some ivy away from the windows. He's a lovely man and if he brings his wife, Jenny, with him then they get through a lot of work quickly. I must also give Ron, my handyman a ring to say that I have the curtains ready to be hung in the spare bedroom. I honestly don't know what I'd do without these volunteers.

Mandi is having a wonderful time in Turkey. She's already sunbathing in her bikini on the beach!! There are people swimming in the sea and she's tanning well. She's rubbed that fact in every day since she got there. There was a big party when she got there because Monday was her husband's birthday and she'd been here in the UK when it had been her birthday, so they had a joint party!

Tony is dancing on air because of his book being published. I've already bought my copy which should be here by the end of the week. I know I've already said it, but I'm as proud as punch of him, well of them both really. Mandi because of how she's managed to cope with everything that's been thrown at her and her ability to trust another man and love him, and Tony not only writing a book, but the strength he's shown supporting us and now he's hoping to give some child, or maybe even children, a loving home. How could I not be proud of them eh?