My neighbour, Yvonne, came up today to sort out what design and what colours she wants for the quilt for her daughter that I'm making for her.

She'd decided before she came that baby blue kitch would be the order of the day and so I said that it would be a good idea to go onto e-bay and find the material she'd like.

I could tell that she really had no clue as to how much material etc she would need to make a double quilt so we went onto the site and started to scroll down all those luscious colours and designs.

She wavered between a lovely duck egg blue with some pretty little roses on and then saw the pale blue with white polka dots on, then it was an "ooooh I like that blue with the white stripes" and when I told her that it would be a good idea to choose a variety of different ones to make the pattern attractive. I suggested that we kept on looking because when she eventually sees the one she likes she'll know.

So we carried on looking at the materials and then...................."That's it" she exclaimed and guess what? It wasn't blue, nor pink, didn't even have tiny little flowers on it - it was -------- coffees and creams!!!!!!!!!!!

It will be a pleasure to make this one cos the colours are gorgeous. A variety of various shades of cream and coffee with delicate patterns and polka dots. This will make a super quilt. I don't want paying for this - it gives me a kick seeing their faces when it's all finished. Just the material so far has cost her £83 ($120 ish) and we still haven't bought the wadding, so if she were to pay me for my time, it would make this quilt way too expensive.

I should finish hers in about a month, I've finished all the blocks and am now starting on sewing the pattern and finishing off the edges. I really like this one too - every quilt I make I like it the best - so better keep going eh?