Hiya folks,

Thought I'd just write a small blog to let you know how's things are going on. I've had a nice quiet few days which was really necessary for me as I'd done such a lot the previous week. Anyway I've just been sewing my friend's quilt so nothing new there eh?

Today the weather has been really quite pleasant - warm(ish) with sunny intervals. It was too cold though to sit down without some heat, even though the sun was streaming through the bay windows, so a nice coal fire is burning quietly in the hearth. So it's nice and cosy in here.

I was looking out the window today with the camera, because I'd seen some gorgeous little blue tits jumping from tiny branch to tiny branch. So of course as soon as I got to the window, they bu**ered off!!!!!!!!!! I noticed a couple of my wood pigeons who have been in my garden for quite a while now - flirting together on the lookout for a nest.

I have quite a few daffodils out in my driveway but there was a lone one standing his lonely guard over the top lawn.

Then I looked across and saw the large clump of mombretia starting to grow again. It was a glorious sight last year so hopefully this year will be just as good.

There are some primroses still poking their heads up, but they are getting almost strangled by the spread of "elephant's ears" which drive me insane. The weed is so prevalent in my garden and I can't seem to get rid of it, despite my gardener's attempts at poisoning it. So it looks as if he's going to have to try again. Maybe putting down some weed suppresant material and then covering it with bark chippings. Hope that will sort it out..

This pitisporum tree used to be such a small bush, now it's taking over - have to prune the branches methinks, it's such a pretty tree too - evergreen and has black bark.

Lastly but not least, I've noticed that Pippin's food gets eaten rather quickly - well quicker than he can manage it, and I realise that I have a visitor..................

This is "Fluff" (that's my name for him) and he's been visiting my home for about 4 years or so. He comes up the garden and just sits where Pippin can see him but not get at him. He's quite a nice cat really, and at last Pippin doesn't seem threatened by him, so that's a relief.

In fact the other evening, I heard a noise coming down the stairs and thinking it was Pippin called out to him. Imagine my surprise when "Fluff" shot past me and flew out the cat-flap. He'd been asleep on my spare bed!!!!!!! Damn cheek LOL.

So that's my news so far. Mandi is going to visit her hubby in Turkey on 31st March. She's missed him so much since she came home on 5th January. Their first few months of their marriage should be spent together. Still with a bit of luck it won't be too long before he's over here and they can start to enjoy their time together.