Ah did you miss me then?? LOL NOT!!

I had a great weekend away, it was a lovely warm day on Friday when I went by bus to meet my daughter, it was sunny and I really enjoyed sitting out in the sun waiting for her.

I spent Saturday morning taking in so many of her clothes. She's done so well losing so much weight, but it does bring it's own problems - she quickly drops sizes and soon clothes look wrong on her. So I've brought back all the clothes that require a lot of taking in, and resizing her trousers. There were some clothes though that no amount of taking in would make them wearable - there was just too much material, so they're on the charity shop pile!!!

Sunday being Mothering Sunday here in the UK, meant that my son Tony and his fiancee Stevie came up to Exeter to share the day with us. They brought their gorgeous little dogs which freaked out Mandi's cat Boo somewhat. They are only puppies so everything is just so so so so so wonderful!!!!! They tend to feed off each other's excitement so it was chaos for a while!! Both kids thoroughly spoiled me, which was lovely - but my best gift is seeing both of them so happy in their relationships.

Monday saw me coming home and the weather couldn't have been any different - it was about -4C with a wind chill making it feel about -12C, really cold. It was a nightmare sitting in the bus station waiting for the bus, as I hadn't taken a coat!!! I know - I was stupid, still I sat close to some people who kindly sheltered me from the wind - until their bus came in and then they very selfishly got up and left me feel the brunt of the wind!!!! LOL I expected to see snow on the high hills of Dartmoor but it was just a dusting - apparently too cold to snow. When I got home, I nipped out with my camera to take photos of some flowers that have opened their petals since I was away.

Of course Pippin had to oversee what I was doing.............

Yesterday was another day of having to do something - this time it was having a minor operation on my eyelid. I had a mole on it for years and then it decided to grow a flap and it was driving me mad seeing it there everytime I put make up on. So I asked for it to be removed. The doctor was very kind and after the initial sting of the local anaesthetic it didn't hurt at all. So he then proceeded to shave it off, so it's unlikely to re-grow.

Today I've been shopping and boy am I just about pooped. I usually only go out once a week as you know, so to have 6 days being busy out with people is a jolt to the system. Now I can settle down for 8 days without having to go out or meet anyone - bliss. I can get back to my sewing and hopefully finish Yvonne's quilt. Oh yes, she wants to commission me to make two more full-sized quilts for her children for Christmas!!! So it looks as if I'll be busy!