Spent all day Saturday playing with Lightroom: imported 150 pictures and spent all day learning about the "Library" mode. Played with: hierarchical tagging, categories, folders, etc. I especially like the ability to use templates for metadata. I'm one of those freaks who likes to organize, but mainly because I am not very creative - I have not even tried any of the tools for adjusting pictures, I just like organizing my pictures. I spent 13 years in IT installing operating systems and setting up servers, but never really using them, so it's just the way I'm wired.

Only get the chance to play with Lightroom on the weekends, too tired during the weekday after work. Over 9 hours yesterday, 8 hours today, on my feet running around the surgical center. Yesterday there were only 2 surgeries to recover, but after that were 6 blood draws, 4 EKGs, 1 UA, and I don't remember what else. Today I did some recovery work, a blood draw, and then in the OR (circulating nurse) for a knee scope (orthoscopic meniscectomy) and one torn bicep repair. Tired now.