Well, my Fuji FinePix has broken. The shutter won't work anymore, and of course, the warranty is finished too. If I have it repaired, the cost will be almost as much as the camera. I'm pretty annoyed, as this camera was going to be the transition camera until I could afford a Canon Digital SLR.

So I bought some more film today, and that is getting harder to find, but my old Pentax has been great for years. It just means I have to wait to see my photos from now on. Oh well.

On the positive side, I really enjoy this site, and have found some great photos and people here, young and old. Sometimes I'll look at your photos a few times before I comment, or just have a quick look until I have more time. If you're on my contact list, it's because I want to see more of your work, so keep it up everyone, and help inspire me.

Thanks,   John