I've been a member here now for a couple of months, and only came because one of my contacts on Flickr left there to come here. I still have my Flickr account and will probably keep it, but I'm enjoying this site more. I like many of the features here, especially being able to see who has visited my photos, and being able to reply directly to comments made.

Some of my best photos on Flickr have less than 10 views, and some of my car photos have hundreds. I have started to post what I know will be popular.

Here though, although there aren't many views, I'm getting more comments, and comments from photographers that I have developed great respect for.

I take photos for many reasons. To document my work, photos that please me, photos to show others the beauty of my area of the world, and to capture news worthy events.

I have a lot to learn, and am currently using a couple of old Pentax Super Programs(film) and a Fuji Finepix digital camera. I'm aiming for a Canon Digital SLR in the future which will mean a complete equipment change, but am looking forward to the new frontiers that will open.

I have some travel goals too, and thanks to Photographers on this site, Iceland is one destination. I want to see Lake Baikal, and travel more in the Canadian north, as well as Alaska.

 So anyway, that's a little about me, and I look forward to more of your beautiful work too.

Thanks for listening,   John