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  • 2019-03-01 Manifest for Reprogramming ipernity

    Manifeste pour la reprogrammation d'ipernity ./. Manifest zur Neuprogrammierung von ipernity ./. As we all know, it is imperative to have the ipernity website reprogrammed from scratch as soon as possible. The necessary adaptations of this website that is ten years old, both in conception and technology, to be technically up to date are getting more and more difficult and expensive. This reprogramming does not focus on changing functionality or design, but on improving the technical basis in order to reduce costs and improve operational reliability. In view of increasing security requirements, the website must also be SSL-encrypted as quickly as possible. In view of changing user habits, it must be better adapted to mobile devices. Of course, the opportunity can also be used to consider long-cherished wishes if they are affordable.

  • 2019-03-01 Invitation to Ipernity General Assembly 2019 (IGA2019)

    [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) Seasonally fitting I welcome the visitors to our homepage from today with the spring pictures you provided. I thank you for your involvement! 2) As of today 38 Club members and 18 "free" users have already committed themselves financially for the reprogramming of ipernity. The sum of the paid contributions meanwhile amounts to 6,338 EUR (21% of the required starting capital). 3) The ima team has now defined a strategic guideline fo…

  • My First Full Month at Ipernity

    My first full month at Ipernity has been a rewarding one. The people—welcoming longtime members of Ipernity and contacts who migrated from Flickr—have been wonderful. They have made it a special community. The Ipernity team has been highly responsive during the extraordinary period of transition that has been underway, always helpful and informative. The photos give Ipernity a distinctive feel. From magical abstracts to colorful butterflies, from delicate floral detail to soaring mountains,…