I'm heading out for a few days of R&R both musically and recreationally. Time for some tunes and some fly fishing in the rivers of the Catskills of NY. However I thought it time to affirm my overall feeling that I'm enjoying this place. I'm still at flickr moderating pools and making the occasional comment or fave but I'm not uploading there much at all. I'm uploading here. I plan to avoid duplications so you should see new material from me here.

What I'm really enjoying is the more relaxed feel to this location compared to "Marissa Mayer world". I don't know if it's me but it does feel more easy going. I've set up a few replicant groups to mirror pools and topics I have interest in and I've seen a lot of familiar faces plus some new ones. That's great, I like it.

One other thing that has caught my eye is the ipernity group's attention to their membership. If you haven't you should check out their actual page. You'll see they actually respond! Refreshing for sure.

See everyone in about a week or so.

cheers to all the familiar faces and the new ones to me too!


UPDATE: traffic at Flickr is now down over 19 percent for the past 3 months!

cut and paste this Link for stats: www.alexa.com/siteinfo/flickr.com