There was a railroad about 200 meters from my home in the south when I was young. I liked walking on the railroad. There were several passenger trains and some cargo trains everyday passing through on it. The kids often played by the railroad collecting cigarette packages as toys. The trains brought imagination and dreams to the simple brains.


One day when I was walking on the railroad and exercising the skill of walking on one rail I heard the rail under my feet speak to the other one; “ hi, dear, how have u been recently”?


I was astonished and stopped to make sure if the rail was speaking. “ not bad. The ground under my body is still solid enough, and with u by my side, I don’t feel lonely. When the kids are playing here, I am more cheerful”.


Oh, they are really talking to each other. There was no train during this period in a day. So I sat down on a rail to listen to their talk.


“from the first day we were put here, I know we will be intimate friends. We will not part. We lay here and work together for the benefit of human beings. I am happy that we are of good use to people. But…”


“but what? Is there anything u are worrying about?”


“don’t u think we are very close to each other? We have been here so many years. I know every inch of ur body, and so do u of mine. We work together, suffer the same hotness and coldness and other hardships. Neither of us ever tried to slack off for fear of adding burden to the other. We accompany each other, we support each other, we share the same happiness and the same sorrow. But …”


“what happened to you today, dear? Are not u satisfied ?”


“yes, I am satisfied to be with you. …”


A long silence.


The autumn wind blew softly, the blue sky seemed so high, but the grass and the wild plants on the protection slop were fading. I suddenly felt an unspeakable sadness.


“oh, I know what u r thinking about. Actually I thought about it many times. But dear, u see, we are designed and arranged in this way. It is doomed. It is our destiny. Just imagine if we really …, what will it lead to? It will cause a big disaster not only to human beings but also to both of us. Right?"


“you are right. I understand that. I just can’t help feeling sorry about our life sometimes. I am ok now. in fact, knowing u and seeing u everyday is a big fortune for me really.”


“fine, cheer up, dear. One day when we both get retired, we will be together. For sure. And there are many things we can enjoy while we realize our value to people.”


A siren was heard from far.


The two rails lay there. I was not sure what I had heard.