I chat with a friend quietly,we talked about three small events,mention  the marriage,she said the broken marriages are cause of the woman’s unchangeable,so woman should learn pretty and flirtatious some more,virtuous constantly was already unfashionable.Although she had her reason,I can’t agree with her completely.Our Chinese nation have history of thousands of years,there’s a deep-seated conservatism running through the Eastern women’s spirit,even if the world is an open era,even if clamoring own 108 types looks like a juggler,even if the people chase the marriage of high quality,expect own marriage is a perfect mixture of emotion and erotic.But to me,love is very important,but it’s not the only thing.We can’t abandon our duty of the family no matter what the world will change,I think it’s the underline of marriage basic moral principles to me.In each unfortunate marriage,the woman is very easy to become the victim,why?Because the woman doesn’t know love herself,yes,actually woman should first love herself,love herself,she won’t let herself choose the sacrifice with no worth,won’t let herself come to a standstill,won’t let herself become the puppet of the family,won’t let herself walk to a side which on the balance will tenesmus.I still remember that sentence,love should two people walk forward together,not only one,just look at his back,you won’t chase him forever.For the love,must encourage itself,walk forward together.The good marriage,need opposite side try hard together.you respect my one foot,my give you ten feet,if make some romantic in the daily life occasionally,the marriage will become flavorful!Memory a TV play called "Golden wedding anniversary",two people noisy for a whole life,but each other is worrying about opposite party all the time,until ours become old,that’s enough.Though there’s no strong emotion,has the tender feeling also good enough,if that disappear,that’s the death of love.You love and good to me,I’ll do the same thing.Many things in this world are very simple actually,especially the things between men and women,we make them complex.