Woke up early,I knew it cloudy todody.Actually,I dont hate cloudy day,instead I hope it can add a little light rain.

I like walking through the rain like this,let the raindrop light know my body and make it moistly. Between my face and hair,the feeling of touch my skin,also feel a little cold.I dont know when I begin to love this cloudy day,maybe start from a song called cloudy.Cloudy,cloudy,in a bedroom and turn off the light,let all thoughts precipitation slowly and slowyly……”

Come through a crackly and dispirited voice by the singer,blend into this air with moist and dusky……

A friend calling me at this time and we have long time no see,it let me remember the past of my life.

Its a happy thing to memory past, whatever a definition it give me,is hurt or happyiness,is helpless or blanky,its not important now.It has gave me an good answer by the process of my life.Life has many joys and sorrows, each quarter of real mood as well as brushwork when I remembered these years of my life,they seemed so valueable.When each other returned looked the innermost feelings,all thought they were sincere,thats good.

I know my sincere,if only some gleaming parts in my mind,I also try hard to move and full of this time brushwork as well as ongitude and latitude in my heart,keep them alive wholely and originally.

Memory past,thought theres some hurt,I believe time can cure all pities in my heart.And life also can this,can beautiful like this.Only dont live phonily,its the evidence of the life,then I feel my spirit rich and happy.

Actually,some results of many things are not so important,even the process is not as important as original consciousness.The Important is the purity of the emotional and the realization at last.We can decide us if happy or unhappy,treasure happy,dont waste life.

All the time,I never give up my persistent of happiness.After cloudy,I can chase the sunshine 24 hours,Id rather be a politest sunflower under the sun,hoping meet the happiness everyday,writing every words that full of the taste of the sunshine.

I believe.

I hope for.