Likes more and more, simple life, simple happiness.

 Open my music box like this, I only want that simple notes.

Sit down here, writing simple words quietly. But sometimes,I was dazed by complicated emotions of happiness, that I don’t know how to seek, I believe that everybody want to get happiness, and everyone thinks his ideas of happiness are very simple. When persist one thing, will think such a simple thing, as long as can come true, this whole life has satisfied and can desire nothing, each people will have this idea, perhaps this simple things wont come true forever, perhaps someday it happens, but suddenly realized that isnt as happy as imagine. Human’s desire, is such infinite! Human, also such is  always contradictory.

Still remember one of my friends’signature: When many people ignore to their happiness frequently, instead think that others' happiness glistens very much. Actually, perhaps others' happiness doesnt  suitable for itself. Well,people often say that God is fair, once give you this,wont give you that. Actually I dont need too many, only want one can make me survive is enough. I don’t need to worry about those complex problems, I can remember my own happiness and an insignificant greeting from instant to instant,then simile will exist naturally.

People can’t to be too greedy, satisfied, is happiness. I was really the fear of ill exceeds the ills we fear before, I was eager freedom but far away from me.Actually, Im only a small bird, always advice myself, there’s no end of the world, but fly forward the sky tenaciously.

Sometimes my friends will ask me what is happiness, but I can’t give them an answer, even if a short moment, also will let me remember that happiness. Probably, happiness is original no standard like this , oneself think is happy, is happiness!